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Diablo 2 is an Action/RPG/Adventure game. The object in all is to kill Diablo, but before you can kill him you have to collect armor, potions, weapons, and gain skill while you kill all of hell's minions. There are five classes of characters that you can choose play as. That's a quick overview if you would like to know more visit these sites...

Diablo 2 Links

  • Blizzard EntertainmentThe Official Diablo 2 Site from the makers of Diablo2. If you want to buy the game of want info from the makers go here. If you already own the game or want info about the characters, weapons, and what not visit one of the other pages listed.
  • Hot LogoYegg's TavernThis is an awesome site with tons of info on the weapons, armor, and skills for all the character classes of Diablo2, plus much more.
  • Hot LogoDiablo2.netA very, very, expansive site with everything you would ever want to know about the game and then some.
  • Diablo2.netHere's the link to a Diablo2.net site that has tons of wallpapers, movies, themes, Winamp skins, and much more.

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