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    If you aren't blessed enough to have ever heard anything by Candlebox I would highly recommend that you go to one of these sites and download an mp3 or something, they are by far one of my favorite bands.

    There aren't a whole lot of Candlebox sites out there because just recently the band broke up. Good news though for Candleboxers alike, Kevin Martin, the bands lead vocals man and songwriter is planing on starting his own band from what I've heard. It should be good though. For more info about all that the best place to go is the KeepinyaCandlebox site, I think they are in contact so they know what's going on and should have updates about it.

    Click here for a full product listing for Candlebox at CDNOW.


  • KeepinyaCandlebox This is a fan page that has a lot info, a few videos and mp3's, etc.
  • Candlebox Virtual Museum Lots of pics, info, etc.

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