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  • Fight Club Poster

    Fight Club

    This is a movie based off of Fight Club an excellent book by Chuck Palahniuk I read the book and I've seen the movie and they are both excellent but there are some differences so I would recommend seeing them both. The movie is about a guy with insomnia who had a boring job and goes to support groups even though nothing is wrong with him. The guy is Norton. Well one night he gets drunk with Pitt and they start fight club. That's a very very vague description of the movie cause I dont want to give away any of the good stuff. If you want to know more visit the links listed below. I love this movie and I highly recommend it.

    Click here for a full product listing for Fight Club at CDNOW.


  • The Official Chuck Palahniuk Site Great site with tons of info on the author of Fight Club
  • Fight Club A great site with tons of info, pics, downloads, etc.
  • Fight Club UK Links, pics, etc.
  • Tyler and Jack's Bloodstained Basement
  • Fight Club Pics, links, info.
  • Stealing Fat Good site with lots of pics and info.
  • Fight Club Great site with an excellent layout.


  • Rotten Tomatoes Lots of reviews.

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