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  • Magnolia Poster


    This is an excellent movie from Thomas Anderson, the director of Boogie Nights. The movie is about 9 different characters who's lives interwine and shows all the bad things that happen to them all during a 24 hour period. Two of the main characters are Tom Cruise and John C. Reilly. Cruise plays the spokesperson for a course on how to get women. This is the funniest role I've ever seen him play so I enjoyed his performance very much. Reilly plays a middle of the road cop. Cruise was very funny in this movie but in my opinion it was nothing compared to Reilly's performance. I was cracking up on nearly every scene that he was in. Well thats a start if you want to find out the rest or more, I'd suggest you go see it or read some of the reviews at the links listed below.

    Click here for a full product listing for Magnolia at CDNOW.


  • Official Site Good site with dowloads, pics, and info.
  • Thomas Anderson's Official Site


  • Rave Central
  • Film Palace
  • Cinephiles
  • Rotten Tomatoes This is a very good source for reviews.

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