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    Steve Vai

    Steve Vai is a guitar god. He grew up friends with Joe Satriani (another guitar god) and was taught by him how to play by him. The majority of the music on his albums is instrumental but he does sing on some songs. If you play guitar you should be sure and check him out because you will be amazed at how good he plays, and even if you don't play guitar you should still check him out.

    Click here for a full product listing for Steve Vai at CDNOW.


  • Official Site Take a VR tour of the studio, hear sound clips for over 90 songs, and see clips from the music videos. This is Steve's official site.
  • SteveVai.comHere's an unofficial site for Vai.
  • Steve Vai's Ultra Zone A tribute to Vai with tabs, pictures, discography, sound files, biography, and more
  • Steve Vai's Fan Garage

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