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  • Tiberian Sun Logo

    Command & Conquer: Tiberian Sun

    Tiberian Sun is a futuristic War/Strategy game. You can play as either the NOD's (bad guys) or the GDI's (good guys). The object is to build up a good base and a big army to defeat the NOD/GDI forces (depending on who you are playing as). You start out on each mission with a certain amount of money to build energy plants, tiberian refineries [tiberian refineries send out a harvester to harvest this green or blue plant (at least thats what i think it is) and when it brings back the tiberian you get money, so thats your source of income in the game.], several types of infantries to fight, tanks, along with many other futuristic war vehicles and robots. There is also multiplayer gaming where you can battle up to eight people at once, play in tournament games and get ranked, and play in battle clan games in which you team up with some friends and play another group of people.


  • Tiberian Sun This is the link to the Official Tiberian Sun Site from by Westwood the makers of the game. It's pretty expansive.
  • Tiberian This is a site where you can get a free membership and get all the lowdown on the game.
  • Tiberian EmpireThis site has lots of news and info on the game.
  • Command and Conquer Small site with screenshots, info, cheats, etc.
  • Tiberian Tundra A cool site with lots of info, movies, wallpaper, maps, images, etc. and stuff on other Command & Conquer games.

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